Advanced Instruments and Techniques in Zoology

Different variety of instruments and techniques are used in biological studies, some of them are quite complex in nature. Scientific progress is directly related to the advancement in modern instruments and techniques. Knowledge of the instruments   working principles is necessary to make optimal use of them

Advanced Laboratory Techniques in Zoology   includes mainly the principle and applications of, centrifugation, Filtration, chromosome painting different Microscopes like Scanning and Transmission Electron microscope, Micro-photography, Micrometry, Chromatography, Spectrophotometry, Electrophoresis by using Agars and PAGE medium, Southern and Northern Blotting techniques in analysis. Advanced Techniques in Biochemistry are widely used for isolation, Extraction, Precipitation and estimation of Amino acids, Proteins, Lipids, Nucleic acids and the study of enzyme activity in animals. Histological sectioning , staining In pathology of animals and Molecular Biology techniques like  Vector isolation, Gene insertion, Recombinant DNA Production, Gene amplification by PCR, DNA and vector purification, Preparation of genomic libraries and sub-cloning using plasmids, These also include vectors  from biotechnical techniques are widely used in Zoology. Immunological techniques like Radioimmunoassay, ELISA, Development of vaccines, Aseptic culture techniques, from microbiology like bacterial growth, isolation and identification of bacteria as well as Use of Statistical Methods are commonly used techniques in Zoology Research.

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