Evolutionary Developmental Biology

Evolutionary developmental biology is the comparative study of original development and how it has evolved. There is a particular focus on the genetically basis of phenotypic structures, how they change during evolution, and how novel structures arises during evolution. Evolutionary developmental biology, now often known as “evo-devo,” it is the study of the relationship between evolution and development of animals. The relation between evolution and development has been researching from past many years,but however, in recent years  the genes that control development have begun to be identified.  how the developmental changes in genes, such as changes in their spatial or temporal expression in the embryo, are associated with changes in adult morphology. The origin of a set of genes controlling  and their development may have opened up new  and more flexible ways in which evolution could occurs , life may have become more “evolvable.”

  • Recent progress in homeostasis biology
  • Behavioral ecology
  • Evolutionary Ecology
  • Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics
  • New trends in evolutionary biology
  • Global climate changes and ecosystem Adaptation’s

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