Biodiversity is the diversity of life. It  refers to the variety of life on Earth at all its levels, from genes to ecosystems, and the ecological and evolutionary processes, it includes not only the  species that  we are  consider rare, threatened, or endangered, but every living thing—even organisms we still know little about it, such as microbes, fungi, and invertebrates. Biodiversity is important in everywhere like species and habitats in your area as well as those in distant lands all play a role in maintaining healthy ecosystems. It is the foundation of ecosystem favours to which human well-being is normally linked.At the highest level, you can look at all the different species on the entire Earth.  On a smaller scale, you can study biodiversity within a pond ecosystem. Identifying and understanding the association between all the lives on Earth are some of the biggest challenges in science. Earth is more complex, dynamic, and diverse than the layer of living organisms that occupy its surfaces and its seas. It is an evaluation of the variety of organisms which are present in different ecosystems. It can refer to genetic variation, or species variation, ecosystem variation, within an area, biome and planet too. We need biodiversity to satisfy basic needs like food, drinking water, fuel, shelter, and medicine that we are using.. Ecosystems are being rapidly altered, and the planet is undergoing a massive loss of biodiversity. The Earth has always being experienced changes and extinctions, the current changes are occurring uncertainly. Still more sobering and most threats to biodiversity are caused by human activity. 
  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Biodiversity and food security
  • Sustainable development
  • animal biodiversity
  • Marine Biodiversity
  • Forestry and vulnerable species
  • Threats of bio diversity

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