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Masroor Alikhan
Masroor Alikhan
Public Health Pests Laboratory, Zoology and Entomology
Public Health Pests Laboratory ,
Saudi Arabia

Prof. Masroor Alikhan. is aRetired as professor & Head of the department of Zoology, Saifia college, Barkatullah University, Bhopal (India). Having more than 30 years teaching & research experience in the field of zoology and Entomology. Presently working as a Consultant, Public Health Pests Laboratory; Municipality Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Some latest research publications are: Public health and veterinary important flies (order: diptera

Research Interest

Public health and veterinary important flies (order: diptera),Characterization of Forensically Important Necrophagus Flies (Diptera) of Jeddah,Saudi Arabia Adv. Environ. Biol, Fauna of Aedes Mosquito species in western Saudi Arabia

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